The Startup Store Announces 2014 Client and Contractor of the Year

The Startup Store today named Unger Electric as Client of the Year and Gary Flicker as Contractor of the Year for 2014

Jeff Unger, Sr., President & CEO of Unger Electric, is The Startup Store’s 2014 Client of the Year. Jeff’s remarkable story is one that every small business owner can understand. On a Tuesday in April of 2014, Jeff knew that he needed financial advice immediately. He had no idea how he was going to cover payroll that coming Friday. To make matters worse, 7 of his 15 employees were family members who were counting on him.

He contacted James Pews, Founder & Growth Accelerator at The Startup Store, and the two began working as a team to turn things around. In just six months, Unger Electric’s top-line revenues grew over 200% and the company now posts consistent income. To learn more about Unger Electric, visit

For the second time in two years, tax expert Gary Flicker was named the Contractor of the Year. A CPA, Gary has 30 years of tax return preparation, cash forecasting and CFO experience. Around The Startup Store, he is known as “Mr. Deadline” for his ability to meet every deadline every time. He takes great pride in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners minimize their tax liabilities and reach their growth objectives.

As we look back over 2014, The Startup Store salutes Jeff and Gary for their contributions to our success.

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