The Importance of Your Online Presence

Whether your business started in your garage or occupies an entire floor of a huge office building, your “digital spread” says as much about your venture as your physical space does. Simply put, you can’t meet everyone on the planet in person. That’s why you need a website.

No matter what market you are in, the majority of your prospective customers will meet you virtually. Even those who are lucky enough to see your smiling face IRL (in real life) will visityour website to check your credentials and learn more about what your firm offers.

For entrepreneurs and owners of smaller businesses, that digital space, can literally level the playing field for your operation – even in its nascent stage.

The Startup Store has worked with leading entrepreneurs and business owners to create websites that do more than tell a story – these sites sell. They get found on the top search engines, they resonate with prospects, and they help close business from existing and new customers.

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