Startup Consulting

Launching a new business or considering an expansion? Now is the time to get a fresh set of eyes on your plan of attack. Objective advice from a seasoned strategic business consultant can bring clarity to your options and their impacts. The Startup Store’s consultants can also help if you’re fine-tuning your business operation for maximum production and efficiency.


If this is your first startup or your fifth, everything that needs to get done – often at the same time – can be overwhelming. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But, you don’t have to go it alone.

Here’s a secret all the captains of industry know but few will share: Your Company’s chances of success improve dramatically when you spend your time growing the business rather than handling the administrative tasks of forming the company, building a website, setting up the books and preparing tax returns.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners get their companies up and running, and keep them operating profitably, with The Startup Store’s deep bench of certified and proven business specialists. Everyone on our team has experienced a startup’s toughest challenges first hand. The Startup Store can also get your new business up and running quickly by providing LLC Formation & S Corp Filings and Website Development.

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