Introducing The Startup Store 2.0

More than 70 clients, experts and partners gathered at Buckhead Club in January to celebrate The Startup Store. Luscious hors d’oeuvres and an open bar added to the celebratory feel as old friends made new friends.

Founder & Growth Accelerator Jamie Pews recapped the highlights of 2015, including introduction of four new experts:

  • John Riesenburger, a seasoned startup-to-M&A veteran who is heading up Consulting Services for entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Desiree Colonna of Bella Web Design is directing Website Development.
  • Vincent DeCastro of Search Nearby has assumed SEO and Online Marketing responsibilities.
  • Sibyl Perez has taken on a leading role in client acquisition and service.

In addition, long-time office manager Michele Frizzell has created a new CRM Training program.

To continue a company tradition of recognizing excellence, Jamie Pews singled out several contributors with 2015 awards:

  • Visionary of the Year: Cecilia Roach, Pivot Point Group
  • Small Business Owner of the Year: Myra McElhaney, McElhaney & Associates
  • Expert of the Year: Michele Frizzell, The Startup Store
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Lloyd Fisher, Equilam North America

Jamie thanked all the clients and experts for their support and introduced The Startup Store 2.0, a new era where the company will be focused exclusively on accelerating the growth of every client on the roster. Finally, clients and experts were given a sneak peek of The Startup Store’s new client-focused website which features client testimonials.

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