The Startup Store has made my life so much easier, and has taken the administrative work of running my own biz off my plate! They have helped me to save on my annual expenses and business insurance, managed and filed my business and personal taxes, and given me advice on claiming deductions, tracking expenses and planning for my business financially. When you’re busy, it’s nice to know you have someone you can count on doing your books and helping to keep things moving! It makes tax time SO MUCH easier every year.

Jennifer Altman, CEO of Corporate Event Consultants, Inc.

James Pews is more than just an accountant, he really understands business – from strategic and operational perspectives. He looks across all functions, works well on an executive team, and provides strong measure of accountability.

Bernie J. Mullin, PhD
Chairman & CEO
The Aspire Sport Marketing Group LLC

Jamie and the Startup Store team are true professionals at what they do. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

Calvin Pinson, President
Down Safe & Lock Company, Inc.

Jamie did a really great job helping us register and start our business. He explained everything as he went along to help us understand the process and what we would need to do after the business was going. We always highly recommend him to others.

David A. Hicks, Managing Member
Haydie McRae Enterprises LLC

When I needed help in deploying Quickbooks, I contacted the Startup Store. Ellen’s bookkeeping assistance and coaching helped tremendously. She was terrific!

Clark Mulford, COO
Phoenix Systems

The Start Up Store really helped me with my accounting in Quick Books. I was pretty clueless, and they sent an accountant to my home to teach me how to use it, as well as how to straighten out what I had already done! I would highly recommend them to any business owner.

Kim Smith, Owner
The Closing Company

The Startup Store’s MBA set up our processes to get things done efficiently. AR help was also very beneficial!

Gayle Hutchinson, VP of Administration
Tip Top Roofers, Inc.

Working with Jamie, I’ve been very impressed with is overall positive attitude in getting things done. He is clearly an expert in his field who knows how to research and solve any issue from forming an LLC to doing the tax work. Jamie and his team can help you!

Desiree Scales, CEO
Bella Web Design

The Startup Store gave me the option of coming to my office or home.

Nancy Aroneck & Company

Startup’s tax expert was able to save me more in taxes than they billed me to do the returns!

RGP, PhD Research Scientist

Their staff took care of my paperwork so I could spend more time taking care of my customers!

L. Pinson, Our House Atlanta

Thank you Startup Store for your timely and efficient launching of our website! Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but is also extremely easy to navigate.

B. Lang, Grandmaster Pet Care

The Startup Store easily handled the confusing Federal and State corporate registrations, obtained the website domain I desired, and then promptly set my company up on QuickBooks so I could immediately monitor my profitability.

E. Lee, Power 4 Purchase