Lowell J. Figur, Real Estate Executive

With a Cornell education, and Lehman Brothers real estate investment group experience, Lowell J. Figur has had a successful career since 1999 as a real estate consultant involving real estate sales, home renovations, commercial buildouts, and investment properties. All that came to a screeching halt in 2009 when he was involved in a serious car accident – so serious he had to be revived at the scene and then spend two years recovering from his twenty-seven broken bones.


2011 Lowell finishes the Peachtree Road Race and the real estate market is back in action. Lowell set out to rebuild his relationships with his network of contacts, but found it challenging to properly promote all the different services he and his team provided. After a free consultation with The Startup Store’s specialists, the message was very clear – we needed to help Lowell J. Figur promote Lowell J. Figur!


The Startup Store designed an entire new website around his name and the success stories that came with it. Attention-grabbing photos of finished projects were reinforced with a professionally-produced video and search engine optimizing content. One of The Startup Store’s MBAs then launched a successful social media campaign to drive prospects to the new website. Lowell himself tweeted out to his 2,000 contacts that he was “grateful for The Startup Store and the services we had provided Lowell J. Figur!”