Entrepreneurs and business owners look to The Startup Store for help in solving their toughest business problems.

Accounting out of control – “Where are we financially?”
With 200 employees at 37 locations, the company’s convoluted QuickBooks made reconciliation nearly impossible. The Startup Store restructured QuickBooks to make it simpler to use and brought it up to date.

“With distributed call centers operations across the country, we needed to see consolidated financials and be able to drill down into specifics at will. The Startup Store knows how to make consolidate and roll up QuickBooks while keeping the system easy to use.”
Bernie J. Mullins, PhD, The Aspire Sport Marketing Group

Turnaround on demand – “I need help now.”
When a 23-year-old company was not going to be able to make Friday’s payroll Friday, the owner called The Startup Store for business turnaround help. One year after using the CFO on demand service, the company has positive cash flow and is putting almost 10% to the bottom line.

“In 27 years of business, we have never missed a payroll. We can say that because of The Startup Store.”
Jeff Unger Sr., Unger Electric, a $2M commercial contractor

Stimulating investor interest – “Bring me some cash.”
With cash flow being severely challenged by slow-paying university clients, the company needed to attract outside investment. It tapped The Startup Store to create a Growth & Investment Plan to explain the investment opportunity.

“The Startup Store understands business – from strategy to operations. The Startup Store’s professionals look across all functions, which makes their perspective invaluable.”
Bernie J. Mullins, PhD, The Aspire Sport Marketing Group

Overcoming a principal’s death – “What do I do next?”
When a top-ranking executive died unexpectedly, the surviving owner looked to The Startup Store to temporarily take over operations and train him to manage the business. This one-year, CFO on-demand assignment grew to include HR assistance, QuickBooks training, tax preparation and the building of a new website.

Going global – “How do we set up a U.S. operations company in Uruguay that is owned by a non-US citizen and a U.S. citizen to take advantage of the tax benefits of an S corporation?”
Because an S corporation cannot have a foreign partner, The Startup Store recommended an LLC as the main operating entity with the non-US citizen using an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) to hold his 50% interest and the US citizen maintaining an S corporation to retain his 50% ownership. While that is short answer to this complicated question, The Startup Store investigated and discarded several other business structures before settling on this course of action.

“The complexity of global incorporation prompted us to seek out an expert. The Startup Store proved invaluable to us and we have since engaged them to help us with accounting and tax preparation, CFO on-demand services, customer relationship management systems and web design.”
Lloyd Fisher, CEO, Equilam North America

Resuming operations after two years on hiatus: “How do I tell my customers I’m back – quickly and efficiently?
It took two years for a leading real estate executive to recover from a life-threatening accident and just about as long for the market to rebound. Armed with deep expertise and a renewed zest for life, Lowell J. Figur wanted to announce to his extensive network that he was back in business. The Startup Store built a new website to herald his return (www.gofigur.com) and launched an aggressive social media campaign to drive prospects to the new site.

“When my 2,000 contacts started responding, I knew The Startup Store was right about the power of social media to get the word out.”
Lowell J. Figur, real estate executive