Talent Acquisition & Management

Entrepreneurs and business owners often struggle as the “people side” of business eats away at hard-earned profit. Today, it’s more critical than ever to develop an effective talent acquisition and management process to quickly identify and recruit the human capital needed to grow the business.


We refuse to practice old school HR.  We know what it takes to be successful in business, so let us share our knowledge with you!  A more effective employment recruiting and people management system drives better business results while enhancing the quality of work life.


Let The Startup Store’s seasoned human resources experts recommend the employment assessment designed to help you find ideal candidates. You’ll avoid expensive employee turnover by hiring right the first time. Once your team is on board, The Startup Store can help you advance their skills and build the leaders you need at every level of your business.


Leadership Development

All entrepreneurs and business owners need capable leaders to drive sustainable growth. Leaders deliver the vision that inspires and motivates people – even as things change.


Our seasoned human resource experts will work with you to manage your human resources so they support your business objectives and company’s culture including:


  • Simple 3-Point new hire process
  • Train supervisors to hire effectively
  • Effective interview questions custom designed for each position in your company
  • Define new employee orientation needs
  • Compliant job descriptions
  • Identify staff competencies and training needs
  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Strategic planning, goal setting, action planning and accountability
  • Performance management systems linked to business goals
  • Navigate the changes that inevitably occur as your business grows
  • Create collaboration between sales and operations for maximum growth
  • Workforce plan to maximize employee productivity


The Startup Store can help you find the leaders you need – seasoned executives who are comfortable making decisions in increasingly unpredictable environments. When you’ve recruited the executive talent you need from outside, we will work with you to integrate them into your organization, compressing the hire-to-effective cycle.


If you want to promote functional experts to leadership positions, we can create the customized leadership training they need to step up effectively.


Our clients are enjoying growing businesses and have the peace of mind knowing their employees are working towards maximum capacity and doing the things each one is best at. Better business results. Great work environments.


Real People Ready To Go

Cynthia Headshot

Meet Cynthia Samuels, co-leader of our human resource expert team. We offer a completely tailored approach to helping you create and implement a human resource program that is the right fit for your unique company!


Cynthia Samuels