04 Jun Four Things to Consider Before You Hire Your First Employee

Hiring is one of the most difficult parts of running a business. How do you find quality candidates, identify the ones who will be a “good fit” and keep them motivated? When candidates impress you with their knowledge and expertise, you may be tempted to short circuit the steps in the formal hiring process. The Startup Store has three words of advice for you — Don’t Do It.

The Startup Store created this list of four considerations to help make these tough decisions a bit easier:

1) Check the candidate’s references – really check them. Speaking with former employers or customers can give some insight to the character and skills that a potential team member can bring to the table. Don’t just listen to what the reference says; listen for what they don’t say. In this case, silence on key questions really does speak volumes.

2) Clearly spell out compensation and benefits. Both parties should be sure they understand what kinds of rewards come with performance.

3) Consider starting someone on a part-time basis or as a subcontractor until the candidate demonstrates a good fit for your business.

4) Don’t expect perfection. Work with a new employee and have expectations in writing to minimize confusion.

In reality, every business is a people business. Hire slowly, deliberately to get it right the first time.

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